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Siegfried, a worldwide leading CDMO, produces active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), intermediates and finished products from a single source. Our core competence is process development and the integration of complementary chemical and pharmaceutical capabilities in a single business model. 

Half-year Report 2020

Well on Track in Challenging Times: Siegfried Continues to Grow in the First Half of 2020

Half-year Report 2020

Dr. Andreas Casutt
Präsident des Verwaltungsrats

Dr. Wolfgang Wienand
Chief Executive Officer

The Siegfried Group looks back on a successful 2019 financial year in which it achieved its goal of profitable growth. Sales amounted to 833.5 million Swiss francs which, compared to the previous year, represents growth of 6.9 percent in local currencies, or 4.9 percent in Swiss francs. Core EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes and amortization) grew by 11.3 percent to 140.7 million Swiss francs. This corresponds to a core EBITDA margin of 16.9 percent, 1 percent above the previous year’s value (2018: 15.9 percent). Core EBITDA thus again grew faster than sales. Core net profit of 65.7 million Swiss francs is reported clearly above that of the previous year (55.4 million), representing an increase of 18.5 percent.


«Wir werden alles daran setzen, das Unternehmen auch im Berichtsjahr auf Erfolgskurs zu halten.»



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